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Category: Games | Date: 21-Aug-2014
The Whispered World Repack-R.G Mechanics (PC/ENG/2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 1.52 GB
Genre: Adventure

Fascinating-epic adventure game "The Missing Peace" for the first time available in a special edition. "The Missing Peace" will enchant you with a lot of animated parts and fantastic characters. Adventure Sedwick begin when he decides to interpret their frequent nightmares. In dreams it pursues a mysterious blue sphere and the world around is crumbling.

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Category: Games | Date: 21-Aug-2014
Kings Bounty Dark Side-CODEX (PC/ENG/2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 7.02 GB
Genre: Strategy

Time has come to join the dark side. Take a trip to the other side of Teana, to the part of the world that has yet remained unseen to the royal bounty hunters. Take advantage of buying the game at a reduced price available during Early Access right now!

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Category: Games | Date: 21-Aug-2014

Aritana and the Harpys Feather-CODEX (PC/ENG/2014)
English | PC | 2014 | 3.7 GB
Genre: Adventure

Aritana is a platform game which the main aspect of its mechanics is the possibility of changing your stance. This stances define attributes such Speed, Jump Force, Attacks and Special Abilities. The player must choose between these stances to overcome obstacles and fight the Spirits of the Forest in a quick, intuitive and fun gameplay mechanic. Aritana will learn new moves and abilities throughout the game and combo movements will help him fight the forest spirits. Meanwhile, Mapinguari will chase him constantly, forcing battles that require concentration and mastery of all skills learned. With the help of the Shaman's Staff and the benefits of each stance, Aritana will be able to search for the Lost Artifacts and gain access to the Spirit World. This place is a labyrinth that holds pieces of medicinal leaves which, when collected in large quantity, can increase the player's maximum health. The game follows the old platformer style and brings a high difficulty for those who are careless. Mastering different attacks and avoiding enviroment traps are key elements for the game.

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Category: Games | Date: 21-Aug-2014
Euro Truck Simulator 2.v1.11.1s 14 DLC-FL (PC/ENG/2013)
English | PC | 2013 | 988 MB
Genre: Simulation

Euro Truck Simulator 2 gives you experience in managing the most powerful cars ever to appear on the highway highways and motorways in Europe. You can go all the way - from enthusiast trucker, to the holder of a private transport empire. Customize trucks from scratch, maximum expand your fleet, hire drivers, buy a garage in every town and explore every way - and this is only part of the available options. Official addition Going East! expands gaming spaces.

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Category: Games | Date: 21-Aug-2014

English | PC | 2014 | 1.15 GB
Genre: Simulator

With Ropeway-Simulator 2014 you will be able to build your own spectacular ropeways within a lovingly designed mountain panorama, using original gondolas and lifts licensed by world market leader Doppelmayr.

View & Download Ropeway Simulator 2014-postmortem Pc2014 | Uploaded | Rapidgator

Category: Games | Date: 21-Aug-2014
English | MacOSX | 2014 | 5.88 GB
Genre: Action, Adventure

LEGO® Marvel™ Super Heroes features an original story crossing the entire Marvel Universe. Players take control of Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine and many more Marvel characters as they unite to stop Loki and a host of other Marvel villains from assembling a super-weapon capable of destroying the world. Players will chase down Cosmic Bricks as they travel across LEGO Manhattan and visit key locations from the Marvel Universe, such as Stark Tower, Asteroid M, a Hydra base and the X-Mansion.

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